#AOC ‘You Only Need to make God Bleed’ — Alexandria Ocasio Cortez might lose at the game we thought she’d perfected

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez should be nervous, very nervous. When you play a game where success is determined by random chance, there is always the possibility that someone has a better hand than you do. AOC has used her ‘minority status’ as her springboard to represent the oppressed and the downtrodden. The ‘I’m not supposed to be here,’ catchphrase that Cortez gargles out to show that she made it against all the odds can be just as if not more potent from the mouth of someone else, and sometimes this someone else is your opponent.

The problem she now faces, is that she has relied on the assumption that her radical policy prescriptions are a natural and logical corollary from ‘representing’ minority interests. Whilst this argument is certainly fallible, if there is no one who is more ‘minority’ than she is, it is much more difficult to tangibly prove. The longer she can maintain the links between her policy prescriptions, her ‘personal experience’ & oppressed constituency, the stronger the correlation becomes.

But the position is just as strong as it is precarious, relying on her and a few select others existing in a vacuum, that being, that all of those who are easily identifiable minorities have outlooks. This lends itself to the progressive girl ‘squad’ of Cortez, Illhan Omar (D-Minnesota), Ayanna Presley (D- Massachusetts) & Rashida Talib (D-Michigan), all women of colour (non-white in woke language) & all promulgating far-left agendas. The game is constructed so that if there is variance in the desired outcomes among the competitors with similar ‘traits’ or characteristics like skin colour, wealth, familial relations etc, then the idea that the policy prescriptions come from a natural link to represent these minority interests doesn’t hold water.

Progressive 'Squad' Rashid Talib, Illhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, Ayanna Pressley. Under fire after being called the 'Jihad Squad.' GOP since retracted that statement and apologised. Highly progressive Women of Color in congress.

Progressive 'Squad': Rashid Talib, Illhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Ayanna Pressley

Whilst making an impressive start, beginning with beating long time democratic incumbent Joe Crowley in the New York Primary vote, she has also relied heavily on whipping up resentment against the white, predominantly male establishment as a means of gaining coverage. It’s easy to notice that with a millimetre of pressure, the facade of a genuine and productive identity pyramid on which AOC depends folds and collapses.

For Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, she may find out sooner than expected. Enter Scherie Murray, who is Challenging AOC in New York as a republic candidate. Murray is a Jamaican immigrant who came from the Caribbean island at the age of 9, a small business owner, and a woman of colour. She’s marketing herself on an ability to ‘build bridges’ between races and cultures. From the right? Impossible!


Scherie Murray, a woman of color and a republican. A  key contender against ocasio Cortez in the 2020 election.

                                         Scherie Murray 

On the economics, Murray stands in stark contrast to AOC. She laments Cortez’s role as the architect of resistance against Amazon’s massive new second headquarter proposal in New York, a headquarters which would have brought at least 25,000 jobs to the area. Murray also attests that the central component of Cortez’s Green New Deal is the introduction of a single-payer healthcare system, or ‘Medicare for All.’ She resents that tor many people who are happy with their current healthcare plan, Cortez’s Government intervention would likely lead to changing provider and worse coverage.

On two policy prescriptions alone we can see the vastly different ideological agendas the coloured women. The existence of the difference itself destroys the correlation argument on which identity politics depends AOC.

The Identarian world view is just religious as any faith, resting upon a moral hierarchy where all adherents look up towards ‘equality,’ the Jehovah equivalent, the great defining principle for emulation. In Iron Man 2, the villain Ivan Vanko says quite poetically to Tony Stark, “If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in Him…..”

The fact that Murray exists, in and of herself represents a glitch in AOC’s matrix. God Bleeds when Hispanics and African American’s move to the right. He bleeds a lot when Thomas Sowell demonstrates that African-Americans were better employed, less inclined to poverty and had stronger families before the civil rights movement. God splutters when legal Hispanic Immigrants want strong borders. And the infatuation and hostility with which these people are treated is certainly symptomatic of the religious devotion to the identity-religion which they follow. What many prominent identitarians will almost certainly say of Murray, as they have said of Jesse Lee Peterson, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder and many other conservative African American’s and American’s of colour, is that Murray simply doesn’t realise that she is representing interests antithetical to her own.

AOC can’t rely on Woke identity points forever, and it is entirely possible that someone further up her own hierarchy may do it. The fact that Murray is a Republican only makes this point more resounding.

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