Thomas Sowell Changed My Life - You Only Need Four Minutes to see Why

Thomas Sowell's Wealth, Poverty & Politics changed my life. After reading it, I became enthralled by his character and composure in the face of substantial adversity. As a Black man advocating for free market principles in the 70's & 80's he has been called every name under the sun, however his ruthless devotion to data & unshakeable calm has left a lasting impression on all those who know of him.  

It will be a sad day once he passes on, however his legacy is left in more than 30 books, almost all of which were written for laymen. I cannot recommend him enough. 

One of the most interesting things about him, is that although he remained an avid marxist whilst studying under Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago, it was only by working in the public Sector, in the Department of Labor, that he realised that continusouly raising the minimum wage in Puerto Rico was driving unemployment, and not, as the unions and ministry for employment were hoping, several hurricanes which had wiped out much of the fresh produce. 

Anyways, here's four minutes of classic Thomas Sowell smashing the myth that FDR saved America from the Great Depression. 

If you're as hooked as I am, you'll also love Thomas destorying the wage gap before it was cool.  

Sowell's background in statistics allowed him to breakdown the truth behind the numbers in a way that few else could. Thomas Sowell is a pioneer & I would encourage anyone with a spare 30 minutes to watch him on Youtube. 

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