Ocasio-Cortez says American's Should Boycott Work after Covid-19

AOC has suggested many Americans should "boycott" going back to work after the economy is re-opened, in an interview with Anand Giriharadas. 


The suggestion is unsurprising, considering her "Green New Deal" also provides economic security for those who are "unwilling or unable to work." 

Carnage House Productions covered the GND, a tip-of-the-hat to Franklin D Rooseveldt's collection of public sector reforms designed to stimulate the American economy during the Great depression. 


Of course, what AOC fails to recognise, and what is generally missed in the discussion around the need for Big Government in ecnoomic Crisis, is that public sector market intervention almost always prolongs the financial pain, and doesn't allow for the necessary re-adjustment of resources towards the productive sectors of the economy.  The Great Thomas Sowell made this point in one of the best four-minute videos you'll ever watch. 
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