Wall Street Billionaire Sex Trafficker: What happened and Why Australians should be worried.

Billionaire banker Jeffrey Epstein (66) and his high profile mates are in whole lot of hot water and the ramifications are huge. Last Saturday, on July 6th he was arrested on two counts of sex trafficking underage girls on the tarmac of Teterboro airport in New Jersey as part of a massive sting operation.

Epstein awaiting charges on child trafficking and sex abuse. Billionaire wall street and known clinton friend Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein (66)

At the same time, police co-ordinated an extensive search of his New York mansion. The charges pertain to actions alleged to have occurred between 2002 and 2005. He has entered a plea of not guilty.

Epstein is already a registered sex offender relating to soliciting prostitution of an underage girl in 2005. Subsequently in 2008, he was provided an extremely generous non-prosecution agreement by Florida federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta. The details surrounding the agreement are now only coming to light, as the indictment was unsealed on Monday. It revealed that Epstein’s lawyers met with Acosta over breakfast, agreed that the indictment would be sealed, and that Epstein would serve 18 months in ‘jail.’

Now, Epstein’s lawyers are arguing that the new charges are simply a ridiculous attempt at a ‘do-over’ as retribution for Acosta’s non prosecution agreement.

The detention facility was in fact Palm Beach County Jail, and Eppstein was able to leave the facility and go to work six days a week. He was released in July 2009, 5 months earlier than his sentence required.

Acosta until this week was President Trump’s Secretary of Labor. Acosta now chalks up the incredibly generous agreement to pressure from senior government officials to drop the case.

Fast forward to July 2019 and Federal Prosecutors have unsealed the 2008. indictment against Epstein, allowing for proper media analysis of the case for the first time. The allegations against him are substantial, including a litany of accusers ready to take the stand. Prosecutors are also now contending that Epstein has made two irregular payments of $350,000 as an attempt to ‘shut up’ witnesses.

It is alleged that Epstein would invite underage girls to his New York mansion and pay them several hundred dollars in cash to give him nude massages, during which he would sexually assault them. To expand his network he offered rewards for girls who were able to entice their friends, as well as utilizing. his modeling agency to acquire targets, and also a to explain the numerous underage girls coming and going as ‘interviews.’

This was not his only method, as he would often fly the girls to his private Island on his private plan named ‘Lolita Express’, where it is alleged he and others, including political, Wall Street and Hollywood elites would participate in orgies with the minors.

The exact number of girls involved in this scheme is rumored to be in the order of several hundred if not several thousand. Federal investigators have also indicating that upon searching the Net York residence they found several thousand nude photos of what they believe to be underage girls.

Now, Some readers may be wondering, ‘whats the relevance for Australians?’

Fair question.

I would suggest that to understand the gravity of the case we need to understand how It could be that he has avoided Federal prosecution for this long, and how he was able to avoid extended prison time for the first case.

For a racket of the scale alleged to have continued for such an extensive period, it is difficult to imagine anything other than Epstein having had incriminating evidence against the top brass in law enforcement, Wall Street and politics.

What could be more incendiary to a politician or law enforcement official than to being implicated in a sex trafficking operation? So the logical corollary would be that Epstein is in possession of such information, and that he and those involved have relied on the gravity of the evidence to hold the operation together. One in all in.

It’s difficult to truly articulate how well connected Epstein is. According to the flight log of his jet known as the ‘Lolita Express’ Bill Clinton was a passenger 27 times. Bill Clinton although denying visiting the island, was rumored to have been spotted there, and when asked why, Epstein responded ‘he owes me a favour.’

Epstein was often rubbing shoulders with celebrities, Hollywood executives. and even royalty like Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

In a New York Magazine article in 2003, Donald Trump was quoted as saying of Epstein. ‘he’s a lot of fun to be with.’ However Trump did revoke Epstein’s. Mar-a-lago membership due to sexually harassing a underage employee.

Whilst Australia is in many ways independent from the world aside from geography, global and security diplomacy runs through Washington. If it turns out that a substantial portion of highest echelons in US bureaucratic and democratic apparatus had been compromised by incriminating material possessed by a single individual, then we should also be concerned about the extent that Australian officials may have been affected as well.

We have already seen the destructive capacity of Australian diplomats, courtesy of Alexander Downer, in engaging in egregious deep state coups. We are a central piece of the US intelligence archipelago in the Asian region, and Australian government donations to initiatives such as the Clinton Foundation should make all of us skeptical about whether any Australians knew anything prior to the arrest.

Australians, like all conscious citizens, should be weary of the timing of Epstein’s arrest. Why now? The FBI has collected more than enough information over the past 15 years to prosecute Epstein. What’s changed? What’s really happening behind the scenes? If Epstein really did have damaging material then he would be ready to release at a moments notice, burn the whole house down if you will.

This case could illuminate the dark, sickening tentacles of the deep state, as it has far reaching implications for political leadership, hollywood and Wall Street. It looks like we’re going to have to wait and see.

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